Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Pumpkin soup for augustina

Our garden produced only one pumpkin this growing season, the second pumpkin was eaten up by bugs. I had planned it for Halloween but we ended up not making jack-o-lanterns this year and I didn't want to waste our one good pumpkin. 

Today was baby food making day, so I figured I'd try a pumpkin recipe. Originally I was going to simply mix pumpkin with steamed apples until I saw this "creamy pumpkin soup" recipe from the wholesome baby foods website. I'm always up for trying something new to see what Auggie will and will not eat.


First I cut the pumpkin into 4ths and used the small scooper from pampered chef to scoop out all of the insides.

Thencut up the quarters of pumpkin into smaller sizes so they would fit in my small rice cooker/food steamer.

They steamed for 15 minutes and came out a very tiny bit tough, not mushy soft (an extra 5-10 min would make them much softer), but I wanted to lose as little pumpkin flavor as possible and steaming can steal away flavor.

After letting the pumpkin cool a few minutes, I was able to peel the meat off the rind with ease into the magic bullet blender. (I have not been as impressed with this product as I thought I would be. The motor isn't that strong, but for baby food it works great.)

I veered from the recipe by cooking the onion and carrots in a tiny bit of oil first. Then I continued with adding the broth and such.

The soup was then poured into the blender and puréed with some of the pumpkin, then returned to the pot. The rest of the pumpkin was blended with the evaporated milk. I only used one 12oz can instead of the 2 cups in the recipe. The soup came out silky smooth, with no lumps. 

I filled 2 bowls for the fridge, 2 bowls for the freezer and then used this nifty pouch system Augustina's grandma bought for us. Thanks mom.

The soup was a little too smooth, creamy and thin. It didn't work as well as other combinations I've used and made a mess. It seems this soup is only best for bowls.

I didn't label my baby foods when I first used the system, figuring that it was obvious what foods I'd made. Plus I usually have one day where I make a huge batch of baby food, so dating would be pointless, right? Wrong. 

1) After a few days I'd look at the colors in the pouches and realize I forgot what I'd just made. 

2) Sometimes when making my next set of batches I'd still have left overs and the dates would get mixed up. 

3) And lastly, I have easily forgotten what date I made them in the first place. It's better all around to not skip this step.

Augustina thought the soup was too thin as well. It could be because I didn't add the sour cream or 
It could be that she just likes her foods thicker. Either way, the problem was solved by adding a small amount of baby rice cereal. After that, she was in baby heaven.

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