Friday, November 8, 2013

Microwave potato chips

So I've had this microwave chip maker for months and never used until just the other night I noticed I had a 5lb bag of potatoes that needed using. I didn't want to make French fries and heat up the house or deal with the oil mess and mashed potatoes has ALWAYS been my fall back so I figured it was time to try something new. ( I used pampered chef products but I'm sure there are other products out there that will work.)

First I filled a sink with water and washed all my potatoes, then I laid them out on a towel to dry.

I them used the simple slicer on setting 1 for the skinniest slices. Within seconds I had perfect slices.

I tossed the ends and laid out the rest, patted dryish with a paper towel and salted. Only one side, I tried salting both sides and it was waaaay too salty.

I used the pampered chef microwave chip maker and then experimented different ways of setup and cooking times to find my favorite. Too many chips and they come out soft. 

I found that between 6-8 potato slices per level for the ultimate crunch. I then cook for 2 minutes and then flip each chip over and cook an additional minute.

When making a single snack this is a fast, tasty, and healthy option. Though, as I found, when making a bowlful, it took me nearly 2 hours (I was caring for a 9 month old as well so times may vary extremely) still it was fun and simple and could be done in stages while feeding, holding and entertaining my child.


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