Monday, November 11, 2013

Leftover Fabulous - chicken and rice quesadillas

Went to the Veterans Day Parade in Antioch. Super fun but afterwards we were all tired and hungry. Augustina fell asleep on the way home and stayed asleep. We had 50 minutes before Sean had to lead some boyscouts out on an orientiering course. With both Sean and baby napping I searched the fridge and cupboards and found one chicken breast  soaking in lemon herb marinade left over from dinner. (A crockpot meal where I place raw chicken breast in a crockpot covered in the marinade for a day and then slow cooked for 7 hours on low yum.) I found a mostly empty box of minute rice a friend gave me when her family moved and a tupper of green beans also from dinner. 

So I chopped up the chicken and green beans (pampered chef manual food processor makes the process fast, painless, and cuts pretty small) poured the 2 cups marinade, chopped chicken and green beans in a pot and brought to a boil. (I measured the marinade so I'd know how much rice to add, but typically, measuring is not my thing.) Added the rice and put a lid on. My first time using minute rice, evidently it's ready in 5 minutes.

That gave me time to set out the griddle, pre-heat at 325-350 and pull out tortillas, cheese, mayonayse, oil, small bowl, pastry brush and a serving dish.

I then started cutting cheese only to learn a valuable lesson. Freezing cheese is great, it makes it last longer, but when freezing block cheese, it no longer slices. Instead you end up with cheese crumbles. Perfect for quesadillas.

I spread a very light layer of mayonayse. I love mayo and even though I can not cut it from my diet, or do the "light" stuff, I can portion control it...usually.

Crumble on the cheese.

Scoop up some chicken and rice mix. 

Use the basting pastry brush to lightly oil the now hot griddle. This too is pampered chef and is made to withstand high temperatures. (Though I do not sell the products and don't want to own everything, pampered chef does have some nice stuff) I almost always use butter but have found that when I feed my 9 month old something that has been cooked in butter (like pasta, grilled cheese etc) she ends up with a red rash on her arm and face. Now I don't know if it's an allergy to butter or if it's because she keeps rubbing it in her eyes while eating and it irritates. Either way, I decided on brushing oil.

Made four quesadillas and folded in half to lay on the griddle.

Brushed the top half with oil. 

Made four more while waiting. Flipped over in between. 

Wow they came out gorgeous. I ended up making 17 out of one chicken breast.

I did make 3 plain cheese to use up the last of the cheese and tortillas.

There is a restaurant in napa that is known for their burgers cooked with the cheese hanging over and crispy. Guess that makes these quesadillas extra special on accident.

Serve with sour cream and salsa. Ready with 5 minutes left for hubby to eat before running out the door. These would also be good with guacamole, fresh made refried beans, and such but I didn't have those. 

45 minutes to lunch, not bad. And I got high reviews from not only hubby but from baby as well.

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  1. I love your blog! Your writing skills really shine here, and the photos are terrific!