Friday, November 22, 2013

Last Year Halloween 2012

Last year was our first year doing couples costumes or group costumes. Sean was never a "dress up" kind of guy and wasn't really interested. I asked him if he would be willing to dress up if I made the costume. He said he would. So I wracked my brain as to what we could be. Originally we had planned on being Frankenstein's monster and Bride of Frankenstein; but then I turned out to be pregnant. I no longer fit into my white dress and since I had quite the belly, I figured I'd need to do a pregnant costume. I didn't like any of the ideas that were showing up on Google images, until I came across this site. Last Minute Skeleton Costumes.

All of the steps on how she made it are on that site. I just followed her example with one alteration. There was a joke going around that since my husbands belly was bigger, that he must be pregnant with an elephant. I just couldn't resist.

Towards the end of the party I had used elmers glue and a couple candy wrapper ends to make a bow since I knew she was a girl, but that never made it into the picture.

The nice think about this freezer paper as a stencil for fabric idea, is that now I have a number of ideas of shirts and things I could make. If I only had the time.

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