Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Family Halloween 2013 (pt 5/6)


Augustina, Baby of Frankenstein, was the inspiration for this decorated trunk. I had wanted to do something more elaborate but time and finances made that impossible. This was a friendly and happy medium. In this picture Augustina is trying to bring her stuffed bear to life. Dangling from the top of the trunk is a cup of smoke and a plastic jar with her rubber duck. The elephant in the middle is the leaver that makes the magic happen. On the feeding tray/operating table are her tools and a squiggly toy brain for her bear.

The treats we handed out were goldfish, I know I know, some kids were disappointed that we weren't one of the candy trunks to visit. Why a decorated trunk? Our church had a Halloween party with Trunk or Treat, where all of the children visited trunks of cars, instead of trick or treat where children visit houses.

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