Friday, November 15, 2013

Family Halloween 2013 (pt 3/6)


To do the hair for my costume I used hair bonding glue to stick a car wash sponge I had cut in half, to the top of my head. Then I used Bobby pins to hold up my hair after gently running a little gel through with my fingers. I then used spray on. white temporary hair color for the streaks. What would I do differently? I'd use less hair glue and let it set before pinning my hair up, I would try to find a softer sponge to stick the bobby pins in, I would have looked for "sharper" bobby pins or something else so that I wouldn't kill my fingers of have my hubby do that part for me.

I took a pair of tights and cut out finger holes in the toes to be like gloves and then stitched on strips of white cloth like bandages. I don't know how that was an effective use of my time but it worked well enough. I think I would just find white ace bandage wraps in the medical section if I was to do anything different, but they worked.

The rest of mine was easy. (since I already had the dress from being princess lea one year. It was a dress my mom helped me make when I was trying to learn to sew and didn't have the patience.) I then wore white shoes.

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