Thursday, November 14, 2013

Family Halloween 2013 (pt 2/6)


I'm not a make-up person, never really wear it myself, so to do Sean's makeup, I had to watch 5 different YouTube videos and read up on tips. I'm pretty impressed with how well it turned out. Not professional but passable for Halloween.

To bulk out his shoulders I took fiberfill and then stitched fabric over it kind of like weird shaped shoulder pads. I forgot to take a picture though before removing them.

The rest of his costume is just a cheap suit, that doesn't match perfectly, from a thrift store, hair dyed black and then spiked with gel and a pair of black shoes he already owned. Oh, and a black shirt under the suit.

Differently? I would've used a darker fabric to bulk out the shoulders and I would have taken more pictures of him by himself.


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