Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Family Halloween 2013 (pt 1/6)




Augustina's was the most complicated, mostly because of the hat. I just learned the basics of crocheting from my sister in July. (Another thing my mother tried to teach me when I was younger that I lacked the patience for.) I can follow a basic pattern an I can make simple baby hats. I searched online for a pattern for the hair for bride of Frankenstein and found nothing. My husband was really proud of my new skill and wanted me to try making a crochet version even though my original plan was to make a simple felt hat like this mother did.  Infant/Toddler Bride of Frankenstein

So I created my own pattern. I made a baby hat and then just kept going until I thought it was long enough.

Then I made a smaller hat to go inside and fit the baby's head. 

I created the squiggled from looking at this picture Bride of Frankenstein and using a variety of double crochets, single crochets, decreasing and random made up stuff. I used white yarn to stitch the squiggles to the hat, filled the main hat with the stiffer fiberfill, inserted the smaller hat and stitched it on. 

When making the hats I added button holes to the base so that I could make a chin strap and sew buttons on to keep the hat from falling off. 

I sewed a rounded button on top of the entire hat because there was a small hole, to fulfill my perfectionist needs of hiding the fiberfill but I see now it was unnecessary. 

Differently? I would learn embroydery or something cool for the squiggles and I would put in a second set of button holes higher up to make the chin strap adjustable. But, it worked. The hat stayed on her head and it wasn't too heavy since she was already holding her own head up strong. 

She rarely tried to take it off and even fell asleep while wearing it or crawled around, adorable.

Her dress was a baby gift, I'm not that good. I put tights on over her arms for both costume effect and warmth and she wore a second pair of tights the normal way also for effect and warmth.

I tried putting white shoes on her but she wouldn't keep them on and hates them. Differently? I would try something else for her arms and hands, and I would get her some white socks.

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