Saturday, November 9, 2013

Augustina for Christmas

So many people have sent me messages asking what augustina would like for Christmas. Rather than answer individually, I figured I'd post a one time message and pass the link on.

If anyone would like to avoid duplicate gifts, you can let me know what you are getting her and I'll mark it as claimed.

As far as clothes go, I'd recommend anything 12-18 month sizes. Especially sleepers. She could also use socks. She only has 2 pair that fit, or I've heard there are special crawler shoes that are more like socks, but I don't know where you'd find those.

Baby board books are always a win. If you have a favorite book that you feel augustina MUST own, she would love it. Reading is one of her favorite things. Here is a picture of the current books she owns.

Augustina is standing and walking around while holding on to stuff so any push toys used to walk around the house, she would love. Here are some example pics to give you an idea without giving an exact item.

At 'first 5' she hated the rocking horses but loved the dolphin with wheels. So toys like these are a win. If it wasn't $160, the Eco Friendly Dragon would be my favorite for her. The link should show you what I'm talking about. While fixing the link, i found it for only $100 through Cheaper Puff Dragon

While in Wisconsin, augustina loved playing with her cousins alphabet blocks. I know they say 2+ but she was learning to stack and carefully take one off the top. Though her favorite was playing "baby Godzilla" and knocking them all down. 

Not wanting to get the "wooden" blocks, she played with these foam blocks at a play date and had a blast. They are the same as the wooden set but a softer material.

MAGNETS!!! She has discovered and gained a fondness for these things. Any baby magnets or letters or such!!

Augustina still loves looking at herself in the mirror so a baby safe floor mirror or one that could attach to her crib would keep her entertained.

We went to a children's museum while in Wisconsin and Auggie loved playing with the baby puzzles, similar to these.

Because she's standing, a fun play table that is safe for her size would give her fun entertainment while helping her build her muscles. Here are a couple examples.

Non-toy choices for those who want to look at more practical or daily options:

Her bottle stage has passed, she never liked her pacifier and her sippy cup time was brief. What she loves most are cups with straws. There a many options out there, cups that flip the straw in when not in use for travel or the fancy character ones. Currently she only has two such cups and could definitely use a few more. She could also use some "her size" regular cups, as I am trying to teach her to drink out of a cup the regular way, but all we mostly own are glass and ceramic.

Easy clean bibs. I didn't think about that and she has cloth bibs that don't travel well and stain so quick that they never really look nice. I never realized the variety available. There are even ones that look like nurse, fireman or policeman uniforms.

She has outgrown her baby bathtub and now uses her blowup duck. But soon she won't even be using that. A spout cover can help protect her head while my mobile child is bathing.

Going along with bath time, a nice safe place to keep her bath toys would be nice to keep them organized. Any type of organization style works, the pic is just kinda an idea. Oh and the ducks just looked like a great idea for a useful toy that can also rinse her head.

Lastly, larger hooded towels. She is outgrowing her infant ones and only has one bigger one. Most any style or character is acceptable except pink princess ones. Please no princess or super pink.

(This may change, since a friend is giving me a similar one that has never been in an accident and has not expired yet.)
The car seat gift has already been claimed, you know who you are. This pic is to let you know the car seat she liked the best after talking with a specialist about what would be safest and best for her.

Anyone who wants to get stuff from babies r us let me know and I can add it to my registry (yes my baby registry still works and gives me a one year return policy instead of the 90 days and I don't need a receipt)

Hope this isn't too wordy and helps those who are wanting to spoil my child.

As for me: I like crocheting but prefer the softer yarn-medium grade, would love a sewing machine, digital piano or e-books(I usually use my kindle app) or iTunes so I can buy digital movies or seasons or such. Mostly things that have a use, nothing that just sits around collecting dust. 

Sean: only wants a green BSA (Boy Scouts of America) jacket and a portrait session of Amy Gendreau without the baby. 


  1. Love the post. The link to didn't work to see the ecodragon.

  2. I have fixed it. Just click on the words Eco Friendly Dragon and it takes you to the link.