Thursday, November 21, 2013

Apple / zucchini

This was Augustina's first favorite combination. Maybe it's because zucchini was the first food I introduced her too and she didn't like it one bit. Maybe it's because she likes almost anything with apples in it. Maybe it's because her food is made with love. Or maybe it's just because it was the first combination I made for her. Whatever the reason, here it is.

Always wash the fruits and veggies, even if you're going to peel them. 

I slice the apples, tossing the cores, and place the slices in the steamer. I steam for the maximum my machine can do, 30 minutes. I'm lazy so I don't peel my apples plus, I don't currently have a working peeler. Peeling the apples will give a much smoother texture, while leaving the peels on will give more body and very tiny bits of peel that don't blend down completely. The tiny bits are easily swallowed and don't cause any issues.

I steam peeled zucchini for 5 minutes and unpeeled zucchini for about 10-15 minutes max.

I blend up the apples and zucchini together with enough apple juice to let it blend all the way. If the blender is fighting and only the very bottom is blending, then I add more juice.

Then place in your favorite babyfood storing container, Tupperware, bowl with lid, etc...and freeze. Anything in the fridge is only good for two days while in the freezer it lasts for 6 months. Dating it makes sure you use older stuff first.

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